The Lužánky football stadium: a legendary sports venue formerly hosting up to 50.000 raging fans each weekend has been abandoned for the past 15 years and gradually turned into a crumbling jungle. Fan-favourite Petr Švancara, a decorated local football veteran, took the city by surprise when he announced his daring plan: utilizing help of local volunteers, he intends to bring the crumbling stadium to its former glory one last time for his own farewell match. Inspiring hundreds of locals to participate, the stadium gradually reclaimed its shape, proving to local authorities that "football bellongs to Lužánky". 23.000 available tickets sold within days.

We are glad VCCP Prague got us involved in this fun hit-and-run project, shooting Petr Švancara along with his most loyal volunteers amidst their effort!

Client: Starobrno
Agency: VCCP Prague
Art Director: Hana Gemrotova
Account Manager: Ondrej Duka
Representation: Monika Wajtrova (2PM)

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